Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ok so I thought I could figure this out easily lol

I am new to this whole blogging thing. When I seen that is what we were going to do in this class, I though oh wow I can do this. Well it wasnt as easy as it sounds. I am really having a hard time getting the class added to my readings. I am not sure what in the world I am doing wrong lol.
However thought I would let all of you that have figured this out know a little about me. I am Sherri Kidd. I have been married for 18 years to the best husband in the whole world. I have four beautiful children. They are so much fun. I have three boys, the oldest is 17, next one is 12, next one is 8..soon to be 9, and then I have one baby girl who is 4. They really are great kids. We live on a miniature farm, the farm isnt mini, but the animals are. They really are a lot of fun. We currently have 7 mini horses, 3 mini donkeys, 6 mini goats, and are working on other mini animals.
I have to say with all this comes a very busy life. I am not sure I can remember what the word bored means. I havent been bored in I cant tell you how long lol.
I homeschool my four children, I work full time, I am in school, gymnastics for baby girl, 4H for the boys, and omg well I am sure you all know its just crazy around here. But I love it. I do sometimes wish time didnt pass by so quickly. It seems like my oldest son was just born and he will be 18 in July....which I am not looking forward to at all....I just cant imagine my life with no kids in my house.
Well hope I didnt bore you all to death. Look forward to reading about all of you.