Friday, December 17, 2010

The last post makes me kind of sad

Hello Everyone,
What advice would I give a person on a scientific paper. Well for my first piece of advice I would give it would be that once you decide on a topic do not change your mind, not only once but several times. That can really cause issues for you. Another thing is be sure to read through all your information, even on topics you think you are not finding debatable information on if you read through every piece of infomation carefully, you can find what you need. I feel I have become a better writer. Had I stuck with the original topic, I would have done a lot better on my final. However I chose to switch my topic, and not only once, therefor I suffered in the end trying to "throw" together a paper. That made my end project bad. I want to thank all of you again for sharing all your hard work. I hope you all have a great journey in your degree plans with Kaplan. Thank you professor, great class.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its finally done YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,
I am so glad that this paper is over with. I have been more nervous about this paper than any other I have written so far since I have been in school. I sure hope I atleast get a descent grade on it.I do like challenges I have to say. I think I do better under stress. But this has been a little more stressful than normal lol. I am sure that I am making myself way more stressed than need be though, for this has been a great class. Thank you all for all your input. I wish you luck on your finals and on your future journeys here at Kaplan.